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Paint protection film "RAPGARD-F122"


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Paint protection film "RAPGARD-F122"
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●Product Summary Temporary protection film for Automobile during the transportation. It protects from, for example, Scratch, Acid rain, Bird drops or Rail dust.

●Usage Automobile, RV cars, Trucks, Industrial Machine, Building material, etc.

●Characteristic   ・ No hazardous substances such as Dioxins during incineration. Can be disposed as general waste.

     ・Good durability.

●Features  ・ Structure Base film (Poly Olefin : Around 35μ m) Adhesive (Special rubber : Around 5μ m)  

     ・ Rolled, white film  

     ・ Film sizes Can prepare 400mm width to 1,600mm width (10mm unit). The standard length is 200M.

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