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Working Principle of Heat Exchange Coat


Different from the Heat reflective or thermal insulation coating, only reflects on the coating surface. The Heat Exchange Coating itself have the effect of heat exchanging, which dissipate the heat from the sun at its source.



Meanwhile, since it is not follow the reflective principle, ordinary dusts does not affect on it. The function will be lasted as long as the effective substance of the coating is completely lost.

When the temperature below 25℃, heat exchange effect turns to heat preservation and energy saving effect.



The Advantage of Heat Exchange Coating


With the temperature reduce on rooftop and interior area, air conditioner loading reduced accordingly. At the same time, the electricity billing and the carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced correspondingly.




Meanwhile, can also apply heat exchange coating directly on finish walkway, playground, runway, parking, etc., which could relieve the heat island effect and sun glare problem by temperature reducing.


There were a report from Asahi TV on 15th Sep, 2008: school organized “Barefoot Sports Meeting”, kids were having fun on the playground under the sun.





Applies on the tank filled with solvent, the effect still perform at its peak after two-year using.


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